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Responsive Website Design

Why it’s time to get a responsive website

Do you find yourself frequently browsing websites on your mobile? Perhaps you have pulled up a link on your phone whilst you are out, but you’ve had to email it to yourself so you can take a proper look at it on a bigger screen when you get back home. Nevertheless, once back, you have emails to answer, dinner to cook and other tasks take priority. If this scenario is familiar to you, the chances are that it’s also familiar to your potential customers. So, this is why an increasing number of businesses are choosing to have responsive websites.  If you are looking for SEO services, take a look at seo forest of dean.

What is responsive web design?

A responsive site isn’t separate from a main website and it doesn’t need its own domain. It is simply a website that looks good and functions properly at all sizes. Have you noticed that some sites look odd and don’t work properly on your mobile phone? Well, this is because they aren’t responsive.
The main difference between a responsive design and a non responsive website is in the code. This coding allows elements of the website to be reformatted, so it remains user friendly whether it is viewed on a smartphone, tablet or a large monitor. Essentially, it’s all about enhancing the user experience.

Just a fad?

Many of us have seen trends come and go on the web. Perhaps you remember when Flash websites were popular? They quickly died a death because they were slow to load and a lot of people just found them annoying! Nevertheless, responsive website design isn’t a fad which will be long forgotten in a couple of years.

Responsive sites are fantastic for selling online

Mobile devices are becoming more popular than ever and this is particularly pertinent if you have an e-commerce site. The number of people browsing and buying online using their phones and tablets has been steadily growing, and figures are expected to carry on rising. So, for many businesses, a responsive website is more than something that is just ‘good to have’, it’s a necessity.
The online retail giant eBay released figures earlier this year (2014), which predict a massive growth in mobile sales.

  • eBay is predicting that UK mobile commerce will rise by an astonishing £1.8 billion in 2014.
  • eBay’s research also shows that one item is bought every second using a mobile device.

Not just for e-commerce!

We’ve all stumbled upon websites that look terrible, have poor content or function appallingly. Naturally, when this happens, we quickly surf off again! People behave in exactly the same way when they’re browsing the web on mobile devices. If somebody can’t use a site on their mobile and the content is too stripped down, they won’t stick around to find out more about your fantastic products or services! This results in a high ‘bounce rate’ which can affect conversions and SEO – no business wants this!

So, the bottom line is that if you don’t already have a responsive design, now is a good time to make that investment. If you currently have a site which isn’t responsive, you could be selling yourself short. Many businesses are already taking advantage of the increased website traffic from mobile devices, so make sure your competitors don’t leave you standing in the dust.